HTML5 Development

HTML5 Development

HTML or hypertext markup language is the most common standard language used to create web pages. It is a set of HTML tags, each of which describes a certain document content. HTML is used mostly to create static websites, which are quick to design and are cost effective. Hence, an HTML website is the best option for a start up.

Benefits of HTML5 Websites

  • Since HTML is platform independent and can be used to create websites using different software, it gives us great flexibility for designing and developing new websites
  • Various elements like links, audio, video, images and banners can be placed at one place using HTML standards
  • Moreover, the sites can be run on all operating systems like Windows, MAC, UNIX and many more without any alteration in the appearance of the site
  • These sites can be downloaded easily and take less space for storage
  • These are simple to use and maintain and can be updated without much hassle
  • It is easy to create customised themes for clients using HTML as there is no limitation of coding
  • The sites are safer as there are no hacking threads

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