Outbound Call Centre Solutions


We have a highly functional outbound system that is set up for callback to our customers. Following are some of the cases where our efficient outbound call system comes into use.


a).Line getting disconnected during inbound conversation, we call back the customer.
b).Customer requests a call back.
c)Our team calls the customer to provide certain information or resolution in case the customer is not able to reach us
d)Calls made by customer support team as a regular task to confirm if the customer has any software issues with PC.
e)And various other scenarios as per requirement


This outbound system proves extremely helpful especially in cases where we call back our customers wherein they are unable to call us due to certain reasons. This saves them the effort to remember to call us or spare separate time to call us. They get a call back from our team at the specified date and time of their convenience at the contact number listed by them.

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